What is iChakri?

Not all animals are equipped to supply the sort of support required to assist you with your mental health symptoms. An emotional support animal is an excellent means to aid with many problems. Emotional support animals aren’t a scam. If you’re in the usa, you might have heard of emotional support animal or ESA.

iChakri is

iChakri is not to collect donations or charity.

To remember Chakri Inampudi in our everyday life. To support his family, not just financially but by providing emotional strength. To prove the world, a person may die, but not his thoughts and deeds.

We want to provide a platform for everyone  who can easily engage in their business/services with the help of or with in Chakri’s friends/network. We want everyone to keep moving and keep growing in their own lives and provide that little satisfaction that everyone of us want to have. Not just doing a charity once in a year or so, It is to develop a thought before you spend/buy anything. Like, Before hiring a photographer for a wedding, hiring a tax consultant, or a website designer ( both in India and US)

Our objective is to make everyone think, Can I do this in different way where my kid’s birthday is blessed or my objective behind what am going to do is achieved with a good cause?

We thought this is definitely possible, all one has to do is to join iChakri. If they are a professional consultant or a hobbyist housewife selling home made cakes. Everyone should be able to buy/sell anything on the platform without investing money and time on a website/marketing. If you can pledge that any percentage of your profit goes to iChakri, We can do lot of things in the name of Chakri.

What we can do (Short term/Immediate goal)?

May be for the first year or two,

We can support Chakri’s family until they get comfortable managing on their own in every aspect, we can show them that nothing is changed in their lives. We can ensure them that they are going to have the same opportunities even now. Moreover, we can ensure them that they have great people standing for them.

What can we do (Long term)?

We started getting lot of emails, Lot of people want to join and contribute in taking this to next level. We can nominate few of us as core members and provide the same kind of support for anyone who end up in similar situations.  Eventually we can grow it as a place for good deeds, whether we can call it a foundation or charity our objective will be the same ‘Help and stand by’ for our fellow human beings.

It all started with a incident and we did not use our brain to evaluate this model but just getting started by heart. So you may find something unpractical or not at all convincing. We are open for your suggestions, comments and guidance in making this happen. Feel free to write to us

Join Our Team!

We need passionated individual who likes the idea behind iChakri. What we need is your time to share your ideas and mentorship. Feel free to write to us here