FAQ Elements

Who is Chakri?

Shiva Inampudi (we call him Chakri)

A good Son..
earned lots and lots of Friends like us..
Joined by a wonderful life partner, Gifted by a smart kid, was always smiling..
And then god wanted him

Everyone who wants do something for Chakri were asking us similar questions, Then we thought.. “why not call them as FAQ’s”


What is iChakri?

Even we are not sure at this point. We as a group of chakri’s Friends wanted to make something special for Chakri. Our immediate goal is to support his family until they come out of it and able to move on with routine life. And our long term goal is to make it a foundation on his name which will help every one his network, network of network with love and opportunities.

Who are behind this?

Chakri’s Friends and Friends and their Friends including you.

How can I get involved?

In any way you like,

If you are a hobbyist and want to sell something, you can utilize this as online selling platform. You need not spend money to have your own website

If you need a service, You can reach here and we can connect you to our network and we can provide professional help.

If you are a professional, You can offer your service here

If you are a writer, you can inspire everyone,

If you are a retired person, you can be our God father.

Just stay connected and we will involve you in the right way

One more question, Ahh..

Do not hesitate, you can always ask anything, get in touch with us