How it all started?

After the tragic accident we lost our beloved friend Chakri, everyone was surprised to see how many of Chakri’s friends landed to support his family. Time, distance, weather conditions or anything could not stop them. He was not a celebrity, or with any popularity. We started thinking, what was the driving force. It was only Chakri’s humanity and nature. He earned you all in his life we want to keep it for ever, for every one..

Even though he is not with us, we want to take his ideas, spiritual thoughts further like he wanted to be used by everyone.

Offer A Product On iChakri

If you are professional or Hobbyist house wife, You can offer anything to sell on iChakri for free, for a cause

Buy/Sell Services On iChakri

If you want to market your service or need any service. You can avail it here with a good cause

Offer Your Network

Or you can spread the message and and offer your network to help them to join for the great cause

We will do it for you!

You just have to have the intention, we will do it for you. This is how your product/service will look like. Its free for eveyone. Wondering why?  

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